ICAO English preparation for the ANAC SDEA test

Prepare for your ICAO English test with our online course and via

Skype classes or both.

The online course is broken into four parts similar to the ANAC SDEA test:

Part 1  Aviation Topics 

Part 2 Interacting as a pilot

Part 3 Emergency Situations

Part 4 Picture description and discussion

You can study online or with a combination of Skype classes. With a 10 hour package of classes you get a two month free access to our online course.

Group Intensive Course 

ICAO English preparation for the ANAC SDEA (Santos Dummond English Assesment)

1 week Intensive course Monday to Friday 0900-1700, total 35 hours.

Book and access to online course material provided.

Classes of up to 6 persons at the facilities of Delta 5 simulators.


Airline Interview Preparation

You can practice and prepare for the interview questions from all major airlines in the Middle East and Asia. You can also learn interview techniques and how to maximise your confidence, your body posture and voice tone which will help you to pass the interview. 

Group Dynamics Course

In the group dynamics course you practice the famous scenarios of the sinking ship, the forest crash-landing and the trip to the moon.

In these scenarios you will be given the opportunity to learn communication techniques on how to interact within a group of people, stating opinions, agreeing, disagreeing and being a very productive communicator in both verbal and body language.

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