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In this part you have to answer to some aviation questions related to your personal aviation background and general aviation questions like weather, the aircraft you have flown, personal experiences and make some predictions for the future in aviation.

This part of the test requires the test taker to act as a  pilot in command of a twin engine jet aircraft. He will have to read back the instructions from ATC and to declare and clarify emergencies.

In this part the test taker is going to listen to three communications between a pilot and an ATC. There is a question that follows every situation. After describing the situations he or she will have to compare them.

One of the most important concepts of this part is that you have to compare the three situations and give your opinion into which one is the most dangerous for the pilot to deal with.

The final part of the test involves a picture description where the test taker needs to describe a picture in detail. He will have 30 seconds to look at the picture and start the description. At the end, the examiner will ask 3 questions related to the incident or accident depicted and state his opinion.


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